The Best

- Linda
Northern California

I can’t stop showing all my friends how hot the compost is inside this composter in the middle of deeply freezing temps here in the mountains. I add a little handful of alfalfa pellets every so often, plus following the instructions in the manual, and this baby cooks! Finally I’ve found a way to compost that is not just a feeding station for wildlife, rodents, and flies. No flies with this. Quick compost. Easy to unload into our wheelbarrow.

The Gold Standard

- Dennis Traynor

The gold standard in composters. I bought this for the dual bin feature. The construction is high quality, the design well thought out.

Looks Up to the Task

- Vern

Well it cost enough to get it here! But wow this is a serious unit. I don’t know how the plastic composters hold up after years of sun exposure or winter freezes, so I got this steel one which looks like it’ll last longer than me. It looks real well made but I hope the legs hold up if I ram into them with a heavy wheelbarrow. The handles for turning are a good feature cause where I live its freezing right now and you don’t want to put your hands on the steel or they’ll be stuck til spring. I give it four stars for now. If it holds up a few years then give it five stars.

The Cat’s Meow

- Ellie Thornbill

I have been composting for years using a plastic bin open at the bottom, it was inexpensive but a lot better than our old pile in the corner of the yard. But I forced the lid when it was frozen last winter and cracked it badly. I wanted a new composter that will not crack in the freeze. This new composter is the cat’s meow! It’s almost too nice to put compost in.

Cadillac Composter

- Johnsons

This Jora composter is the best of the lot in my opinion because the metal won’t expand or distort in the sun like our old one did, and then the lid didn’t fit. The two bins is also the way to go. My wife calls this one our cadillac composter.